Friday, July 12, 2013

My Truck: The Little Giver is Back on the Road.

I thought I had posted a picture of my truck when I got it, but looking back I see I never got around to it.

"The Little Giver"

This is my little 1985 Toyota truck that I got just over a year ago off Craigslist. I got it for $650.00 which was such a great deal. But in the process of getting it I also got to meet an amazing artist and wonderful person Bradley Messer. He told me that he called his truck "The Little Giver" and the name is perfect, it just keeps on going. So that is what I call her.
Bradley creates the most fantastical art out of wood he finds. Visit his site and see all the great music and art projects he is involved with in Vancouver.  Here is one of his pieces.  I got a great cat picture for my son Luke when I went to one of the shows he helps host at the China Cloud.

So, the big story today is that I got my truck back on the road after a year parked underground. It had three flat tires and a dead battery.
I am so happy as I got to pick up some beautiful french doors that I found on craigslist. They are just perfect for my cob house, and will lead us from the dining area out onto the back patio.

I plan to take my truck over to Mayne Island on my next trip over. Then it will be there when I need to pick up rocks, clay soil or sand for my building.
I still am looking for windows and doors to complete my list of building supplies needed for my house. I have two doors waiting for me in Mission, at my daughter's house, and some flooring for my storage room upstairs.
So things continue to come together.
I am so grateful to M and N Auto Repairs at 530 E Broadway, Vancouver BC for doing such a great job fixing my tires and getting my truck running in one afternoon. They are so kind and conscientious there, really amazing customer service.  
For more on the story of the Little Giver's special day of pampering, visit my home blog. :-) I plan to write up the story of our day in more detail.

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