Monday, April 29, 2013

Huge Rocks are a Surprise Discovery as Work Continues

As my neighbour  Evan was moving the stumps down to the bottom of the lot he made an exciting discovery. There a lots of big rocks hiding in the earth and under the salal.  He carried a few up near where the house will be and I will get my wheelbarrow and move some of the smaller ones myself.
This is exciting as I was needing some stones for my foundation as parts of it will be above ground to prevent any splashback from the rain hitting the cob walls.  Aren't they magnificent?

This is where the house will sit. The smaller logs will be cut for firewood.

I discovered this little chap as I was disconnecting my extension cord from the electricity pole.

Before heading home on the ferry I went to the Spring Water Pub for dinner with Carol.  Sweet scented lilacs greeted me as I walked onto the patio. They filled the air. Childhood memories just poured in.

This is the sad part.

The really sad part about building a house on a fresh lot is that even when you are planning to build a natural home you have to cut down some trees.  This was so hard to do as I hate seeing big developers go into forested areas and cut everything down. There are still lots of trees left and we are going to be using the wood from the trees that had to come down to make counters, rafters and floors. My friend has a portable mill and is coming to mill the wood.
Even so this picture makes me think of a graveyard for trees. :-(

It is good to see the site taking shape though and I am in the planning stages for getting the septic field put in.  My neighbour has suggested I get an engineer to design it and then he can put it in for me. This is a great option and I am going to be making the call this week.

The surveyors came and did the corner posts at the front of the lot and are coming back on Monday to do the back posts.  It is good to get the survey done properly so we know we are far enough from the property line when we put the foundations in.
My apartment in Maple Ridge is up for sale and it is hoped that I sell it soon.  I plan on being on Mayne from July for the summer.  If all goes according to plan we will be putting the foundation in during July.