Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Pretty Little Trailer, Deck and Shed

On my little piece of paradise I have a very small trailer. I am so happy it is there as it means I can stay on Mayne Island and start planning what to do.  There is also a composting toilet and my first plan is to build a little straw bale cabin, around 100 square feet, as that is allowed without planning permission. So I am thinking 9' x 12'. This will house a shower etc, creature comforts. Maybe even a little sleeping loft. It is all tentative at the moment.

So here is my little trailer, and the marvelous deck that comes with it. I am also blessed with a shed to hold all my treasures, reclaimed building materials, stained glass windows etc. Don't forget my claw foot bath tub lol. So if anyone hears of windows, doors or any treasure that would suit a cob house, please let me know.
I just can't wait to sit on this deck in the sun.

The table has bench seats on either side, and makes into a bed.

The couch at the back of the trailer makes into a bed


My sister is going over with me for our first visit on July 11th. We plan to christen the place with a gin and tonic on the deck.  

The handy dandy shed awaiting building supplies.


  1. I love it mum! I think we're going to try and come out here on our vacation weekend in late July if that's okay! I looks so great!

  2. It's so pretty! I love the deck!